Globally, the daily water consumption per person is 100-105 liters, while in Mongolia, the average daily water consumption per person living in an apartment is 2 times higher than the daily consumption per person in developed countries, i.e. 230-280 liters. There are studies that use 5-10 times less water (6-8 liters). At a time when Mongolia is at high risk of groundwater depletion, it is necessary to improve the management of water resources. One way to use water efficiently is to purify and reuse waste water with the right solutions and technologies suitable for the conditions of Mongolia, or to increase the use of gray water.

       Within the scope of our company's "Capital Local Government Central Complex Building" project, using the BioBarrier membrane device certified by the US NSF/ANSI standard, gray water technology with automatic management of gray water use in the building was introduced, starting from July 18, 2022, at full capacity. successfully used. The greywater system features an independent indoor treatment plant with a capacity of 11.3m3/day with a BioBarrier membrane device capable of treating wastewater up to 99%. The suspended solids dissolved in water are decomposed in an airy environment, biological cleaning and nitrification processes are carried out, and finally the water is filtered through a membrane filter, and organic and inorganic impurities are cleaned, which determines the cleaning result.

        Gray water technology is the process of cleaning the waste water from building sinks and showers with BioBarrier equipment and reusing it in the ground water. By introducing this system, an average of 2.3 m3 per day, 69 m3 per month, and 839.5 m3 per year are saved.