The concept and development of the fire extinguishing sprinkler system in the world began in the 1880s, and the first model of the fire extinguishing system and its installation principle was described by John Wormald of Great Britain in 1885.

Sprinkler systems are divided into 5 main types. It includes:

Wet system,
Dry system (dry system),
Combined (Alternate wet and dry system),
Pre-action system,
It is divided into deluge systems. In addition, gas fire extinguishing systems are being developed.

      The automatic fire sprinkler system is designed for the purposes of building, planning, and interior design using BSI, LPC, FM global, NFPA international, and ISO6182 standards. For Mongolia, BNbD-40-05-16 water supply and sewerage in buildings, BNbD-21-04-05 automatic fire extinguishing equipment and alarm devices in buildings, MNS-3239:2014 working drawings of water supply and sewage system in buildings, MNS 3332:2013 construction drawings, water supply, sewerage and gas supply system within the building are implemented as standards and norms.

       The total area of the "Central Local Government Complex of the Capital City" that we are building is 28,700 square meters, the total volume of the building is 106,250 cubic meters, and it is considered to be a "II" class fire resistance building, and is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing sprinkler system, a conventional fire resistance system and FM-200 or gas fire extinguishing system planning and installation work is being carried out. Pipelines used in the fire extinguishing system meet international standards such as GOST3262-75 and SCHEDULE40. A total of 2,494 fire nozzles will be planned and assembled so that the water consumption of the normal system will be 2 x 2.5 l/s, and a "Wilo" brand pump will be installed.

         In block "B" of the Central Administration Complex of the Capital, the entire integrated management system and data server room will be installed, and in this connection, the international integrated building management system BMS (Building management system) or smart building management system will work and protect the data server room from the danger of fire. gas fire extinguisher system is planned and working.


Information prepared by: Engineer A. Bazarsuren